September 04, 2014

More excitement!!!

So... I was away in jolly old England... Back on Monday... and A LOT is going on!

I was interviewed a few weeks ago for EPISODE 39 of THE POTTERSCAST with Paul Blais.

The interview and our chat is on the website... click on SHOW NOTES for photos etc...
It is a great podcast that interviews all sorts of potters and ceramic artists and for some reason, he reached out to me... So... Take a listen in you get a chance!

Also Jake Tavill , my talented musical son, was interviewed for Redbank Green and that article was published today!
Feel free to read it HERE!

AND  you can still Purchase and download the album,
Indigo Child (or your fave songs) by Jake Tavill at
iTunes  Google Play

Any way... it is all good and we are chugging along over here and soon I will be able to show some new work that I am very excited about!

August 08, 2014

My interview with David Linneweh is UP on Studio Break !
Feel free to listen in to the podcast and hear my 
I think it went very well, and he is a great guy.

I also have stuff happening!!!
An opening at The Art Alliance of Monmouth County in Red Bank, NJ for my 3 person show with Barbara Venanzini and Christina Carlson!
The show runs through August 26th... but the opening is Saturday August 9th from 5pm-9pm

The show Nurtured Nature at the MT Burton Gallery
in Surf City, NJ (LBI) that I have curated with Matt Burton
will go up Saturday, August 16th and will run through
September 15th!  I am very excited about this too!

AND lastly, I have some great new work at the Vessels Gallery in Boston and some pieces in the Taupe Gallery in North Wilkesboro, NC.... So... if you are near any of these places, BE SURE to check them out!

July 30, 2014

This First Friday is AUGUST FIRST!

Getting BUSY!
August is 2 days away!
My son Jake's album is released on iTunes AUGUST 1st!
DOWNLOAD and enjoy! (Google Play too!)

Vessels Gallery is showing several pieces of my new work and has First Friday August 1st in Boston!

The 2nd Saturday of August,  August 9th, I am in a 3 person show with Christina Carlson and Barbara Venanzini at the Art Alliance of Monmouth County that is having an opening reception 5pm-9pm and will be open daily through August 26th!

Also... In Long Beach Island at the M.T. Burton Gallery I have CURATED a great show called Nurtured Nature featuring my work and that of Lois Aronow, JoAnn Axford, Bryan hopkins, Ani Kasten, Akira Sataki and Heather Knight!
If you can get there... DO IT!!!
July was also quite amazing! Two weeks at Haystack taking a workshop led by the incredible Chris Staley and meeting the most amazing group of people/artists in an absolutely phenomenally beautiful setting! YIKES!

May 07, 2014

A Little Taste of What is To Come...

I hope.
I am pleased to show you some of what I have been developing in the studio.
I am developing new work in more of a sculptural direction.
I am closing forms and have been experimenting with glass additions as well.
Here is a taste of what is to come...


March 15, 2014


 The Crafts Report...
I mean... any other sort of Centerfold is not looking likely at this point...
and ...
it really wasn't a goal for me...

Thanks to Stephanie at The Crafts Report 
(via Bridgette Martin at crafthaus)
APRIL 2014 issue! 
It looks great.
I REALLY appreciate being reached out to for this!

February 27, 2014

What is going on... Revisited...

Some of the greenware that is in the bisque kiln right now... and now I have the chocolate clay going on in wet next to wet white at the same time... DANGER of contamination Will Rodgers!!!!
This new work is focused on sculptural form and there are subtle things I am trying to "say"...
No protests... but  feelings and relationship stuff...
It is ok with me if I am talking to myself right now...
It is OK...

February 05, 2014


Artist/ Creatives...
Some interesting questions came up and I am very curious what your answers are...

IF money was not an issue...(to support you, etc)...

What would your art be like?
Would you continue to make art?
Would it change your focus?
What drives you to make your art?

ANY AND ALL ANSWERS are very appreciated...
 I may share in an upcoming (anonymous) blog post...
You can message me directly if uncomfortable with this forum.

This gentleman comes to mind...
Steve Tobin

December 16, 2013


As long as you drop on Friday...
Last Ship Date is 12/20: THIS FRIDAY at NOON!!!
Then I can't ship until 12/28!
A lot of newness in MY ETSY SHOP