July 30, 2014

This First Friday is AUGUST FIRST!

Getting BUSY!
August is 2 days away!
My son Jake's album is released on iTunes AUGUST 1st!
DOWNLOAD and enjoy! (Google Play too!)

Vessels Gallery is showing several pieces of my new work and has First Friday August 1st in Boston!

The 2nd Saturday of August,  August 9th, I am in a 3 person show with Christina Carlson and Barbara Venanzini at the Art Alliance of Monmouth County that is having an opening reception 5pm-9pm and will be open daily through August 26th!

Also... In Long Beach Island at the M.T. Burton Gallery I have CURATED a great show called Nurtured Nature featuring my work and that of Lois Aronow, JoAnn Axford, Bryan hopkins, Ani Kasten, Akira Sataki and Heather Knight!
If you can get there... DO IT!!!
July was also quite amazing! Two weeks at Haystack taking a workshop led by the incredible Chris Staley and meeting the most amazing group of people/artists in an absolutely phenomenally beautiful setting! YIKES!


  1. congrats to Jake and you, lots happening, wonderful to hear about here

    1. Thanks Linda.... running around like a chicken with... well, you know...

  2. how EXCITING!! People used to tell Wesley she was an Indigo Child, love the art and the title. Not sure my daughter is an indigo child but it's a nice concept, just the same :)
    Congrats to your son, I know how a proud mom feels


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