October 30, 2007

Some thoughts

My computer is on the blink and outr new one is coming... so there isn't alot of photo imagery that I can post.....
I WON the EMT AUTUMN CHALLENGE(I'm currently doing doing the winners dance in my own mind)
My sale is coming up last week of November... doing The Ranney School Ladies Night Out as a Vendor November 15th, so we'll see how that goes... The Laurel Tracey Gallery has requested some work for a show(group,etc) during the holiday season...
I'm going to the OLD CHURCH CULTURAL CENTER INVITATIONAL(as a customer) in Demerest, NJ on November 30th... so excited to see these AWESOME ceramic artists and KAREN KARNES in real life... It is a great show... I went last year and basically I spend the proceeds from my show on their work!


Anyway... Alot of my previous work is sold...gone...
I like to spread it out across the US and CANADA!!! Always very exciting!

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