December 29, 2007

and on and on...

well well well...
I like the tearing but I also like the refining so I'm working to bring BOTH into the work,
2 shots shown... also- I've been using standard 365... which i like BUT I think 213 is better for my twists and turns... less CRACKING.... so I went to ceramic supply and loaded up!
I still like 365 for exposed porcelain and the jewelry... it fires out smoother...... but there are different issues involved...
I'll keep y'all posted.(you'd think i live in the south with that comment... not grey day NEW JERSEY!)


  1. Judi, I really love the new work! I'd love to hang out and watch you work---amazing!

  2. ginny... you can hang out with me any time!!!!!but i don't think you're near by!

  3. Judi, I really like what you are doing here. The one on the right is exquisite! I can't wait to see it finished!

  4. thanks a bunch ellen...!!!

  5. Judi
    Love your new work !!!
    As a "beginning" potter (kilned my first pot exactly a year ago today) i've never come across the expression (or technique) "ripping and tearing" . . . .
    Would you share about the process involved?
    It's pretty impressive judging by your work.

  6. Chae... I rip and tear and reposition the clay... it's a nightmare but I can never leave a perfect form alone...I wouldn't call it a specific technique... just sort of what I do... but then I refined it into cutting instead and controlling it more... I still like the ripping but it tends to be more effective for an art object vs a functional piece... and so I (in fact) remain ripped and torn!!!!

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  8. Lovely! The circular, fluid style brings motion of water to mind.

  9. Really like these photos...

    Love the three pieces, especially the one on the viewers right.

    You are growing in such a sculptural manner.

    Very very...

    And your Blog is so POPULAR !


    very impressive.


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