July 25, 2008

Now I'm Cookin'...

Beginning to get some quantity developed to bring to Peters Valley in September... 
Throwing, carving etc...
Big glaze experiment plans but just moving along with this currently...
because my time is going to be cut up!!!
Excited to say I will be taking Kristen Keiffer's Workshop
August 1-3rd
at Greenwich House Pottery in NYC...
so it will cut in...but hopefully in a good way...
and then the big 4-0 birthday trip...August 5th- 10th... San francisco and Carmel....Also exciting but..
.more time away not working and then
at the end of August I'm taking my boys to Girdle Tree, Md for their annual visit with my dad...
this time I will be accompanying them..
I plan to drag some handbuilding supplies with me...
you never know...
Wish me luck!


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed! Your work even looks beautiful as greenware...

  2. I like those 3 attached bowl sets with the handles. Nice job, Judi!

  3. There's a lot of nice work. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Amy- Thanks!!! I like this stage myself!
    JD- Thanks . Those have been strong for a few years!
    Craig- I too can't wait... too bad they aren't going in an anagama!

  5. Judi . . . your carving it just beautiful. Will be anxious to see how the glazing goes!

  6. Looking great! You're making me wish I had my own studio and loads of time to spend in it!
    Can't wait to see all of it finished.

  7. You certainly are cookin! Looks yummy too! Wonderful. Looking forward to seeing them finished. Hope you post.

  8. Thank you all guys!!!! You are totally making me nervous about getting the glazing RIGHT!

  9. My, you've been muy productive!! Way to go - I love the making stage...

    40 is great!

  10. Beautiful and bountiful! :)

    I finally purchased a vase from your shop that I had been eyeing since a bit before Mother's Day. Your work is just lovely - hope you are enjoying your vacation and your 40th!



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