September 21, 2008

Home Stretch

I know this is a little repetetitve of the last post... but the shelves are a bit more congested now and and have one last bisque fire in now and a final glaze fire  after that....
So...there you go.


  1. Love seeing all the pieces together and how the glazes look so gorgeous together. The forms are really elegant and lovely!
    Have fun at Peters Valley!!!

  2. Wow, your work looks great! It's nice seeing how your glazes all work together in a really soft, pretty palette.

  3. thanks patricia... I painted my shelves black for the show...It pops better...

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I was at the Nick Joerling workshop! How funny is that? I'm glad to hear that the Kristen K. workshop was good, I am looking foward to it:) I love your work and I wish I knew that we were in the same room for that weekend!
    Pinkkiss Pottery

  5. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Your booth looks fantastic! I hope the weekend is a successful one and that you're feeling a bit better now.



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