October 17, 2008

Happy Time

I finished my "Artist Statement" and my "Resume", filed my sales taxes for the quarter... shipped out my entry for the Baltimore Clayworks Teapot Show.
Ick! The whole thing makes me nauseous...REJECTION....... not one of my favorite words. BUT.It's "Happy Time"! Sorry that I digressed.
My 8 year old calls it happy time... as "Happy Hour" was said in front of him and he began referring to it as "Happy Time" and well... it caught on.

Don't you love the glow of the computer screen as it highlights my unsightly age spots... after 40, WE call them age spots..

I have my teapots for the Steamboat Show tucked up on the shelf in the office with the entries for Baltimore... so... POSITIVE VIBES people...Gotta run...
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  1. Rejection?? How could anyone reject a piece of your fabulous work?

    Oh, I'm full of positive vibes at the moment so I definitely send some your way!

    I love kid's expressions! We've picked up a few in our family - like "tupper tupper tea" instead of "cup of tea"!

  2. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Actually they just look like freckles in the photo.. no worries.
    You look mahvelous dahlink :)
    higher test suncreen, my dear...
    higher test sunscreen..
    I never believed in it much before moving to the south. Too many people I know with for real skin cancer. Now I look for the highest SPF I could find. Last yr I found spf 75! (Fantastic for doing outdoor art shows btw regardless of the latitude)

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Eek - taxes - I totally forgot about them! I have to get mine done today...

    The soft blue light does highlight you're beauty! :)

    Congratulations on your successes and hoping your sale is rockin'.


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