October 01, 2008

You win some... You lose some..

Ok... the show stunk.
The other artisans didn't ...they were great.
The turnout was down 25% and it felt like people would look around like it was a museum... 
Flattering... but unfortunately not very lucrative... 
It didn't help that all that the T.V. and radio was talking about was the Bail-Out nightmare and it POURED...
I thank anyone who bought from me... 
You do not stink... really... the people don't stink...but the whole scenario stunk.
Stink stank stunk.... 

On a brighter note... the PALS Carnival that my kids totally rocked(and I helped ahead of time) for a support group of ALS patients and ALS research was an unbelievable SUCCESS....
Just sad I could not  be there... We had such great P.R. about my friend Pam.

But... I am moving forward...
See my new Trunk Portfolio...all jazzed up:

I have posted some new items... all available through etsy!!!


  1. So sorry about the show. Seems the nature of the beast lately. Everyone is kind of paralyzed. I was walking to the studio yesterday and thinking about how my mind was in such an anxious state -- even though the day was beautiful, my health is good, my family is fine and I had a full day of studio time ahead of me!... Your Trunk Portfolio looks great!

  2. At least we can commiserate about stinky, rainy shows! Your work is very amazing!

  3. Patricia... I totally agree!!!!
    Graciela...Thanks...commiseration accepted!

  4. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Hang in there Judi. Shows are down across the board everywhere. its hard to sell pottery to people when they can't buy gas for their cars or are worried about their jobs. Sounds like nowadays, though, art may be a better investment than mortgages! lol
    carpe diem.

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Bummer Judi - I have a big show in Nov. and I fully expect sales and traffic to be slow. It's a sign 'o the times. Glad to hear the fundraiser rocked!


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