November 04, 2008

Voting Wierdness!

STRANGEST thing....
I was voting and this lovely little old lady told me I could go into the booth...
NO ONE else voting AT THE TIME
AND WHILE I was voting... ALL LIT UP...
She OPENS the curtain to"check something" and says... "OK, thanks."
So I cast my vote and I was APPAULED!
I said something as I was leaving to the others but...
I called the BD of elections and they said they would follow up...
They sounded sincere... but EEW!
And yuck.

On a Ceramic note... lots to glaze and fire.


  1. um...yeah..not cool at all!

    Sometimes you just can't trust cute little old ladies.

  2. true!
    I will be one soon enough... if I last that long.

  3. That was weird! I'm glad you called the Board of Elections!


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