January 11, 2009

Great Show

The show at Baltimore Clayworks: Teapot IV opened last night and I was there and home the same night.
I'm here now to blog about it!
That's my cream piece under the sign...
It was really nice and I really enjoyed having some old friends come and check it out and then meet at a nearby bar/restaurant to hang out with their kids and my kids, etc...For a lot of my old friends this pottery/ceramic work that I do came after they knew me as a fashion designer so it's interesting....I was very pleased with the way the show was set and I truly enjoyed meeting the resident artist at Baltimore Clayworks: Yoshi Fujii whose work and nuances in his work I have an obvious connection too... We had a lovely exchange of thoughts and that was really nice for me.

I guess I'll just be posting SOME photos from the show but I did, in fact, take photos of every single teapot. So if you are looking for one....let me know...

These two are Joy Tanner's...my blog friend.

This celadon piece is Yoshi's.

The one on the right is a favorite by Gwendolyn Yoppolo
(I have a serving(?) dish of hers that I love!)


  1. Congratulations, Judi! Your work looks wonderful! I'll be it was so exciting for you!! Yea!!
    Todd in Santa Fe

  2. Amazing.
    Thank you for sharing. I needed that!

  3. Wow!!! That's so cool! What a great show to be part of! Big Smiles...

  4. Really a great show to be part of -- I'm sure it was a blast to get to be there as well. Will the show be posted online at their website? I'd love to see all the teapots. Do you remember if an Eileen Braun was in that show?

  5. Fetish,,,Thanks...it is cool...
    Judy...I hope they post it... I did not see any of her pieces...but I just checked out her site...love her work!

  6. Wow, that looks like a great show! Full of inspiration!

  7. Congrats Judi! Looks like a great show. I wasn't able to make it to the opening, but I hope to be able to make it out to see the show before it closes.

  8. congrads, Judi! Your work looks great!

  9. Wow, so wonderful to see your beautiful teapot there, congratulations to you. Wish I was closer to go to the show, thanks for posting some for me to see. I updated my blog to include your blog.

  10. Nice to see photos from the show! Your teapots look quite at home there. A sign of more wonderful things to come. Nice job, Judi :)


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