February 06, 2009

Ready for Beaver Creek

and snow boarding... all taped on and tomorrow we hit the friendly skies...
this is my knee... taped in place from the last trip... wish me luck... don't worry... I wear wrist guards!


  1. Have a terrific trip!! I'm thinking of trying snow boarding in March when we head up to Steamboat...never done it before and no one wants to do it with me. :( But, that's okay, I'm going to take lessons and make some new friends!

  2. We live/ski in Alyeska which is in Girdwood Alaska -an incredibly beautiful place. Though my older kids tease me, when I board I wear my daughters old volleyball knee pads! now I save the riding for (softer fall) fresh powder days and most of the time ski on my "ol' lady" fatty skis which enable me to be able to walk the next day -ha!
    have fun!

  3. Cynthia- my friend anne took it up this trip... she is feeling sore but likes it better than skiing.

    Grace- I wear butpads and kneepads and helmet and wristguards... I took the hrd part off the kneepad and bashed my knee last time... NOT THIS TIME!!!


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