March 13, 2009


I received my book that I was waiting for on Wednesday(The day I was supposed to head off to Colorado....had I gone, well... I wouldn't have had it with me... See- making lemonade out or lemons here...!!).
Apparently you have to buy it from England... BUT... It involves 2 Americans. A potter, Christa Assad, and a collector, Richard Jacobs.
It is called: Searching for Beauty: Letters from a Collector to a Studio Potter.
It's amazing and any potter or collector must read it.
I prefer to read each letter or 2 at a time and let the concepts sink in...
It's sort of intense. But great. Rich...
It cost a lot for shipping... I couldn't wait 8 weeks!!!


  1. This book really looks great. Did you order it from England? Through You would think someone in the states would carry it since the potter is American.

  2. The best is to go through the link when you click on the title and click "buy" I think. Kestrell books... Amazon had an even more excessive price because they will just buy it from the same place I guess...

  3. Actually, you click on
    "purchase the book".

  4. That sounds fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I heard about the book, but didn't know it was out, looks great. Too bad Christa doesn't carry any in her studio.

  6. Linda ...good point.

  7. Wow, Judi--you have been so busy! And strep throat amidst it all. Fascinating to hear about your background--and that having a baby was a kind of catalyst for finding this new artform. It takes gumption to turn from the 'glamorous' arts into something more solitary and earthbound, but you have made such a success of it!

  8. Anonymous12:54 PM

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  9. Rachel ...You are the best!

    As for the scammer who left the last message...Not a wise choice. This is not a game. I would suggest that you don't do it again. There are computer geniouses that I happen to know quite well who know how to find you and shut you down. That is all I'm saying. I wouldn't suggest responding.

  10. Hi Judi,
    Christa does carry the book at fourth & clay, her studio in Berkeley. She has several copies for sale. Anybody who is interested can reach her here:

  11. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Christa Assad. Christa Assad. Everywhere you look these days, it's Christa Assad. If anybody has worn out her welcome, it's her. Too bad she's known more for this book than for he ceramics.
    Oh well, c'est le guerre!

  12. Well... That's not really necessary.
    I think the book focuses on Christa as more of a concept...the potter. Have you read the book? I ask because you will find that it just creates questions for each of us to answer either privately or in a larger discussion but I wouldn't say she really is doing anything but being an innocent by-stander to the scenarios.

  13. Anthony Childs-Cutler10:32 AM

    Hi, I am the UK publisher of 'Searching for Beauty' by Richard Jacobs. We are delighted that Richard's work has received such excellent reviews around the world. We've now arranged distribution in the US and Canada through Laguna Clay/Axner based in Florida. The book is available on their website:
    Delivery at reasonable cost is now possible. Many thanks to all those early adopters who completely 'got' Richard's thoughts on the importance of ceramics to civilisation. In writing 'to' Christa Assad, he was, of course, writing to every studio potter. What we loved most about his work is that he tries never to ask a question he already knows the answer to. That's the way he taught at every level in his career as an educationalist, and I guess those are the most stimulating teachers to have. Richard has been over to the UK on two lecture tours and it's wonderful to watch the scepticism of young students (What can this old guy in the flat cap say to a practitioner like me?) change to gratitude for the enthusiasm he has for ceramics and the encouragement he gives to potters to think deeply about what they do.


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