November 17, 2009

Great New Online Gallery

The Laurel Tracey Gallery in Red Bank has just open this online gallery called ...interestingly enough : Laurel Tracey Online !

It is so great because it has small works available from FABULOUS artists and once you buy a taste of them in a smaller size like this:

Elwood Howell. Red Bird
Elwood Howell
Acrylic on Panel 7 x 7 in Framed
Price: $350.00

You may be interested in in a larger piece...Like this... at
The Laurel Tracey Gallery

Green-Blue, 2009. Acrylic on linen, 40 x 38 inch (Call for pricing)

They are launching the on-line site with a gallery opening:
This Saturday: November 21st.
6pm -9pm
10 White Street
Red Bank, NJ
Check it out!


  1. Hi Judi! I went to the site, thinking maybe they had your work... Didn't see it, but hope that's in your future. Nice online gallery. Beautiful paintings. They need some of your graceful ceramics.

  2. I love the serene ambience in these paintings. I'm really gonna check out this site.


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