April 21, 2010

Halfway there???

Insides are glazed!
Originally uploaded by judi tavill

The interiors are glazed...
I hope to spray the outsides in the A.M.


  1. A question regarding your spraying process. What (if anything) do you do to prevent over spray of the outside glaze from getting on the interior glaze? I have tried a couple different things (waxing the inside, spraying the outside first and wiping off over spray, etc.), but it is always a pain in the arse.

  2. It is truly a pain...
    #1 I have learned to always consider the overlap and how the glazes will react and which should go first...
    #2 I tend to pick a layering that appeals.
    #3 OR if I REALLY want them separate- particularly in a mug type opening, I will pour in the inside...let it dry and then shove something in the opening to catch the glaze: a sponge or sponge like material or cloth/towel that I can wash later...

  3. ...and you think I'm a supergirl. Look at all those mugs! You are a machine!!

  4. Thanks for the info. I have used a semi-matte black as a liner before, so it doesn't really matter much for that. I am going to be trying just a clear or white glaze soon, though, so over spray would probably look kind of off. I'll have to try the sponge/rag idea. Keep up the superlative work!

  5. Thanks you guys!!!
    They are glaze firing NOW....

  6. i've been salivating over your mugs for weeks now, this picture is torture!! your work is absoultely gorgeous! one of these days i'll get a mug of my own :)

  7. HEY Mrs. JT,

    Very Nice graphic look on the Etsy and the Blog. So clean. You remain super busy - very prolific. Well done.

    I have been meaning to share this with you and your fine associates in the MUDDER realm.

    A Residency overseas sent my way via my own travels to Japan:
    "Seto International Ceramic & Glass Arts Exchange Program"

    Looks truly interesting...
    Anyhow, my best wishes to all.

    Mr. A

  8. Kim- Thanks so much!!! You are the best...
    I'm checking it out Mr. A!


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