April 26, 2010

The Cups are Done!

They are patiently waiting to go to their new home!!!
The Copper Canyon

51 First Avenue
Atlantic Highland, NJ 07716
Call for reservations:
721 291 8444

Unique Delicious Southwestern Culinary Flair!!!
Best Tequila Selection!!!

Make sure to order Coffee or tea after dinner in a Judi Tavill mug!
They are all a little different so...
you'll have to go a few times for the real feel of them!
(But you'll want to go back just for the spicy food!!!)

(P.S. Sadly..the photos aren't showing some dashes of red in the cups that make them look rather HOT!)


  1. They look great!! I bet they'll make for a fantastic cuppa joe.

  2. You're amazing! The glazes look fantastic!

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    that's a whole lotta cups there judi... they look great!

  4. Stunning cups! Love the glaze! :-)

  5. Judi, these are gorgeous! Very elegant and unique!! What a treat for the patrons of The Copper Canyon....congrats!

  6. Your cups runneth over! That's great. What a graceful and elegant way to serve their diners. I hope more quality restaurants do this. Very nice.

  7. love that warm glaze. so beautiful!


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