May 31, 2010


I don't have a ton of time to blog because I have to essentially
"MAKE THE DONUTS"...or CHIP AND DIPS as it were.
On Friday, May 28th, my son Sam's first DOUBLE DIGIT birthday(10) I had a piece(the chip and dip form) featured in ETSY FINDS! .
Well let me tell was a huge JUMP in views and a really decent affect on sales and interest(people sending me convo's on Etsy about buying custom chip and dips!).

So now... I need to get on these special orders, as well as a few other existing orders AND I need to GLAZE the wedding registry place settings and make her side pieces(I have 2 great serving bowls waiting to be bisque fired. I am just a tad nervous about the glaze firing... It just makes me nauseous every time... so many possible issues... I realize I just need to get in there and do my business....but I am also afraid I need to make more glaze and we all know how much I adore that...

And so, I am going to take a positive proactive point of view and just dig in and love all of it. So THERE.


  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    congrats judi! i can see why everyone wants one. i've never been on etsy finds... i guess it's better than being in a treasury?

  2. This really is a beautiful form, definitely one of your most unique takes on the standard tableware shapes. Here's hoping you sell out of stock through etsy!

  3. Gorgeous piece. So elegant. And congrats on the recognition. I'm glad to see things are picking up.

  4. Good for you! I've been coming across your gorgeous pieces on etsy and love what you do with your feet (on your mugs :-). Much success!

  5. Beautiful. Congrats on all. And good luck with the lazing!

  6. Congratulations! I actually saw this on the etsy finds e-mail, but I didn't realize it was your work. It's a beautiful form:)

  7. Thanks guys! It was such a cool surprise!

  8. Congrats. Nice to hear some Etsy success stories. I can't for the life of me figure out how you make your pottery like that and stay sane, it would drive me mad to try and get clay to do what you get it to do :)

  9. are a crack up... who says I'm sane? Holding on by the hair of my chinny chin chin!


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