May 27, 2011

Black Walnut.

Trying this out...basically working with it so far looks like I have spray tanned my HANDS! But... it promises to to be a great dark brown/blackish cone 6 clay in oxidation with NO Manganese... and it costs a FORTUNE. and it has to be SHIPPED... but... we shall see...It seems to throw well...

(*jumping back in here because I spoke to a supplier out of philly and evidently it is very hard to get this clay...
SO if anyone out there has suggestions for a chocolate brown(and/or speckled)WITH OUT MANGANESE....I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know about it...)

AND... remember my tea bowl for the Kansas City show(look right for details...)

It sold from the online photo ... and the show opens next month!
Pretty cool.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.
Thank you to all of those fine men and women who commit to protecting us from evil.
Actually feels like summer here in NEW JERSEY!!!
May even walk over to the beach this weekend with my hands that look like they have a spray tan...


  1. Judi I love black clay, where did you get it? I'm almost out of my cassius basaltic.

  2. Mine is from Campbell's Clay...They are the supplier but a few place distribute for them...Tell me about yours!

  3. I love the way Standard 266 comes out, but I am unsure as to whether or not is has manganese. Also, I have used it to handbuild and it has issues with that, so I am not sure how it would hold up to your post throwing alterations.

  4. LOVE 266... Manganese... same with 112.

  5. PS Linda.. your cassius basaltic has manganese in it... just spoke to aardvark. grrr.

  6. Hi Judi,
    I love the chocolate clay from in Portland, OR. It may not be worth it with the shipping fees but they have lots of east coast customers that have it shipped (shrug). NO manganese, totally food safe, and price breaks, etc. They have a extensive line of glazes, too. They are a super dependable manufacturer and just really nice people. Ask for Maria 503-283-1353.
    Donna :)

  7. Georgies has amazing glazes and they are very nice to deal with, don't know about the clay, sorry, I use white clay....

  8. thanks guys...going to check on georgie's clay.

  9. yeah I heard cassius had manganese in it and yet there is a potter in Montana who swears it doesn't, I was going to get the MSDS from Aardvark to see. I use it for sculptural forms so no worry and best at cone 4 so troublesome for glazes, best left unglazed, I am anxious to try your new find, will check it out, thanks.

    Will have to check Donna's black clay from her area too, no manganese sounds good.

  10. happy clay body hunting sweet!! your work is looking awesome
    and do check the data sheets its your lungs and body after all :))

  11. I got here from Tracy Broome's blog this morning. I was intrigued by the black walnut photo and clicked through; didn't know walnut had ceramics applications even though I've been using it to stain and dye a lot of textiles lately. I've been clicking around a bit and I think your work is gorgeous. Another potter to put on my list of people to buy from when I get a job again. Thanks!


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