July 13, 2011

What's happing on this clay "trip".

I am still working and developing and playing with clays(with out MANGANESE) and throwing and carving and manipulating and texturing and glazing and not glazing...
but I have a few photos I feel like I can post....
The ones that have glaze on the outside creating a texture were re-fired after I was unhappy without something else making the inside and the outside of the pieces relate and create a cohesive unit.
I am moving back and forth between these ideas...
Glaze, no glaze, clear glaze texture, smoothness...
In the background are pieces that i have been working with wedging bits of clay in contrast colors into the mound and then throwing and carving... and also throwing and layering up other slips in other clay colors to carve through, reveal... etc...
My head is spinning... just like my wheel!
Trying to enjoy the trip as I am usually wired to focus on the very end result..


  1. These have an ancient yet contemporary feel to them. I like how you're using small amounts of the interior glaze color on the exterior, as in the blue example.

  2. Those mugs are FANTASTIC!

  3. Hey Judy, have you thought about atmospheric firings? Not sure if that would be something to consider or even available to you, but I think it would look awesome with your pieces!

  4. Thanks guys... Mel!
    I would love that but as long as I just use my studio, I am a little stuck... I used to raku but I am considering hooking up with some woodfiring in the near future... I feel like I am hitting my head up against the wall tring to achieve atmospheric-like effects in my electric kiln... but... we shall see!

  5. those mugs are absolutely yummy!!! love them!

  6. it's tricky to try it in an electric, I agree. but I think the surfaces would look very awesome in wood or soda! am not a big fan of raku or pitfiring (due to functionality issues).

  7. Mel... I agree with all of that! I wouldn't try to soda in my electric... and I really don't think my town will let me have a gas kiln....legally!!! but I am itching...a lot!!! looking into some woodfiring opportunities but I do like it to be MINE....


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