August 27, 2011


Oh.. it's "EI-LEEN"...hurumpf.
Well ..Too Rye Ay...

We have been getting ready for that *BEEE-ATCH*...
Boarded up the house and
worried about a wind crashing through my second story studio:

But before we lose electricity... I figured I'd BLOG!!!!
So here is what I have been working on..
Prepping for my first wood firing at Baltimore Clayworks in September with Laurie Erdman!

This last one is red clay for my electric kiln at cone 6....

And here are some inspiration photos from my walks outside...

So lets pray for the best since we have pretty much prepared for the worst..


  1. Will keep all things crossed that you have no damage from Irene.

    I love the new pieces! Can't wait to see them fired.

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Beautiful new work Judi!!! Stay safe!

  3. Stay strong... you'll be fine.

  4. awesome work... I see a show coming together!!!! hope the worst of the wind is over xx

  5. Hope you didn't get any damage, can't wait to see those wood fired, they are wonderful.

  6. Thank goodness... it didn't screw with our house... just no electricity for 3 days...

  7. Oh wow, your work is awesome! I so admire pottery folk. I'm glad nothing major was upset w/you during Irene..


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