September 29, 2011

Happy New Year

L'shana tovah... hebrew for Happy New Year...!

Shana Tova (pronounced [ʃaˈna toˈva]) is the traditional greeting on Rosh Hashanah which in Hebrew means "A Good Year." (שנה טובה)basically...

Today is Rosh Hashana.

LShana tova tikoteivu- may you all be inscribed and sealed for a good year!
P.S. I love to say "tikoteivu"... I just do.

Actually enjoyed a lovely sermon today referring a lot to Buddhist concepts...
Really makes me want to start the year off RIGHT...
When I say "RIGHT", I mean PRESENT. AWARE. etc.

SO... here is a photo of one of my wood fire POTs with a wood fired BREAD that my friend brought back from Maine for MOI!!!!


  1. Thanks Judi. Happy New Year.

  2. And a Very Happy New Year to you as well, Judy!

    Would you be interested in helping in this year's student project? The students need some potters to interview.


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