November 30, 2011

Really worried...

Will THEY...
The collective THEY(customers, collectors, designers...etc)
truly understand my changes?
I am not looking to do more of:
"Can you make another one just like that?"
I will create new work, perhaps in the same vein as the work they are looking at...
but not DUPLICATES...

I am truly going the "One-Of-A-Kind" route...
I hope people understand...
I am not trying to be a B$@#H....
I am making a life choice.
An artistic choice.
I am moving away from what I WAS doing...
Which means I will be saying "NO" when people ask for work that I used to do.
I really hope they don't HATE me...
That said...pricing is the follow up issue...
Heather has a great post on it HERE!


  1. Hey Judi, Big changes can be nerve wracking! It's important to move through new creative periods with our work. Not just for personal growth, but as part of a business cycle. Galleries and collectors are sensitive to that. There are always bumps but, no worries, just work... the new forms really dance and sing!

  2. I went to the show this past weekend without any "trinkets", no beads, no ornaments, almost nothing under $50 and I did very well. People were there to buy nice art and it was my best show ever. I have seriously changed my work over the past year and it has done nothing but open doors for me. I think you will find the same thing. These pieces are beautiful and you will find new customers that will love what you are making. If the old ones don't just move on!

  3. Thanks guys... I really love my new work..... I do... I enjoy the process -that was my real goal and I enjoy the outcome...eventually, it would be nice to enjoy sales...I think I will always be making changes... I am just, well, that way! Both of you have fabulous work and are doing great things so I truly appreciate the comments!

  4. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Hey Judi! Hang in there and stay will prevail be happier, more creative and productive...don't cave and do work you don't want...all artists deal with this issue and handle it differently, but I think there is only one way to remain happy and that is to follow yourself...I have been going through major changes in my art and direction as well and it is not easy...many people may not understand...but there is a reason you feel this way and if you listen to it, you will continue to grow and evolve...don't feel that you have to defend already made the decision on how you are choosing to handle this fork in the road and it is a very admirable one...xo

  5. Judi - your new work is gorgeous. I have been/am going through the same process and it is a bit nervewracking but something inside me knows it's the right direction and I'm sticking with that and seeing where it leads. Trust your gut! If you are making work because you love the process the work will speak volumes and as Tracey said a whole new network of people will access your work! Congratulations for going for it - it's inspiring!

  6. you are going to be just fine- the work speaks for its self.


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