February 19, 2012

My Dear Friend Pam

It has been a long strange trip since my dear friend was diagnosed with A.L.S.
a few months over 5 years ago...
I have posted about her several times ...
HERE you will connect to all of them...

Many of you read about her years ago and commented...
I used to tell her... For a WHILE now, all she was able to do is move her eye slightly to
respond yes or no...
She had a will to live I believe and she held out for a very long time...
Tonight around 6pm...she passed on....
I say passed on because I believe her soul, her energy needed freedom from the
prison her body had become.
I mean it... this is what I believe.
This is what I told my sons...
My 11 year old was very visibly upset and very angry that this horrible illness and
end of life had happened to such a good person...
He told me he would get rid of all the pottery collected
and my pottery if it had happened as it would be too hard for him...
I told him.."No!"...Don't you see.?..
My energy and spirit is in each piece and the pieces from these
other artists hold some of their energy and ours from us choosing
to have them around us..."
I feel that we are all part of a bigger energy and God holds our energy....
(I could expound upon this concept but long story short:
I feel organized religion and explanations
in English or Hebrew basically describe -with a humanizing effect -what I am saying...
Therefore it all works for me.)
I believe Pam's energy will continue to be with us and is with me now...
palpable,even....I miss her too...
I have missed her for a long time.... I am sad. I am solemn. I love her.
I know she loves me too... she told me... I told her.
Remember to do that...it goes a long way...
Perhaps it goes beyond.


  1. Just discovered your blog from Jen Mecca's. Beautiful pieces! Used to live in Charlotte where she taught at Clayworks. How true what you say. I'm a potter and an Episcopal priest and yes, I believe her energy will continue to be with you. She will live on, thankfully.
    Peace to you these days... And as you say poignantly, Love, yes, love. I think it goes beyond.

  2. Thank you Amy...
    I really appreciate it...
    I do....

  3. oh wow judy, that so sad and yet you have such a handle on the big picture!! tears at lunchtime :(( hugs my friend

  4. Yes the telling goes a long way, so sorry about your dear friend Judi but I've felt her spirit through you here on your blog over the past several years. Love makes the universe a better place.

  5. the people we love live on through us- through you. Let your son know that the work, yours, the stories keep people alive in our hearts.
    I talk with my sister and my brother many times through a day. And even though the heart feels the pain it can be filled with the good things that life held.
    I feel your lose Judi and I hope you will continue to let Pam live through you.

  6. Matt Callahan(17)
    As some of you may know, Yesterday at 4:30 pm my Mom, Pam Callahan, past away. For those of you who don’t know she had been sick for many years and put up an incredible fight and credited her entire fight to her kids. She was an amazing mother right until the end (and continues to be from above) and anyone who ever came in contact with her could tell you she was truly an inspiration and was always looking to help anyone and everyone. Please take a moment to think about those you’ve lost in her honor and always remember to keep them close to you. My mom’s soul and spirit will always live on, Mom youll always be with me no matter where I am or what im doing and I promise ill take care of the boys… everyday.
I hope ive made you proud, you certainly have.
Rest In Peace Mom
thank you all for reading this and as a last wish take some time to reflect on what life means to you and realize how lucky we all are also never forget to love and remember who you loved, our brains may loose track but they will always remain in our hearts 
We’ll Always Love You Mom, just like we know you will too.

    Sean Callahan(15)
    I would like to share the story of a beautiful wondrous woman who touched many of our hearts. Yesterday, on February 19th, 2012, my mother, Pamela Welch Callahan, passed away. She was sick with ALS and fought long and hard for five painstaking years. I couldn't thank her enough for all she has done for me, and my family and the way she has inspired many with her life story. My mother was a phenomenal mother who I never thought down upon. My mother may be gone, but her soul and spirit stays with us. You will always be with us, Mom. You have molded your four boys into fine gentleman, and we can never tell you how much we thank you for all you have done for us that have made us who we are today. 

I would also like to thank my brother, Matthew Callahan, for in my absence in Pam's final hours on this earth, he made sure to give her a kiss, a hug, and a farewell for me. I will forever regret and never forgive myself for not being there the one time it mattered most.I am forever in your debt, Matt. I will never forget you, Mom, and you will always live on in our hearts. I hope that I've made you proud, Mom. I am always say how proud I am to be your son. 

Thank you all for reading this and remembering my mother. She was a wonderful woman with an incredible story that can inspire us all. Remember how lucky you all are, and that life is a kind and gentle thing, and we should always live it to its fullest. Pam may be gone, but her wonderful and joyful presence will stay with her on this earth.

I thank you and love you, Mom. You will forever live on in our hearts.

    and my son:
    Jake Tavill(15)
    Yesterday at 4:30, the most inspirational person I ever knew passed away. Her name was Pam Callahan and she was an amazing woman, mother, and mentor. She never gave up the fight against ALS not even in her last hour. She went down fighting and shall be remembered as a hero. She touched everyone she ever met and raised her 4 boys into amazing, brilliant gentlemen. She loved everyone and everything. She was also extremely brilliant and could solve any problem. Throughout my childhood she has helped me in so many ways that not even I can fully understand. Thoughs who's hearts she has touched should take a moment to just remember how amazing she was and to think about her each day to keep her memory alive. Tell your children of the amazing woman who never gave up. She will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts, thoughts, and lives. Rest in peace. I love you Pam.

    Also... I plan to give info on 2 organizations that donating to would be extremely helpful to find a cure for the strain of A.L.S. that Pam had , as well as an organization that helps people and families in need with the illness...

  7. Oh Judi, I'm just sitting here with tears and a saddened heart reading these words from you and these kids. I have to go call my daughter now and tell her I love her. Peace be with all of you today......

  8. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Sorry for such a loss. I believe the pain that comes when we lose those we hold close is worth it as it reveals the depth of love. She sounds like an amazing woman, with great children and friends. I do not doubt she lives on, especially in each of your hearts.


  9. Dear Judi - am so sorry for your loss yet also grateful for your words and those of the kids. Thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Judi - I'm so sorry to learn of your friends passing and do believe that she lives on through her spirit, energy, and legacy of friendship. ALS is such a wicked disease and I hope that Pam is in soaring now released from her bodily prison - knowing how much she was loved here on earth.

  11. colette11:30 AM

    Judi, thank you for your post. It was beautifully written and such an emotionally charged tribute to an obviously amazing person. ALS is a subject quite close to me and I applaud you for your energy and your friendship --- Pam was lucky to have you in her life as I'm sure you were lucky to have her in yours. xx

  12. Judi,
    Such a very touching remembrance, from you, Matt, Sean and Jake. I can tell the clalliber of Pam's person from the wonderful memories.
    I wish I had known her. My thoughts are with your family and hers.
    And maybe I'll be lucky enough to see you again sometime.
    Ellen from the Yasuda workshop.

  13. Thinking of you. Thank-you for being willing to share your thoughts and love with us.

  14. Judi - so very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Your words about her energy living on ring true.

  15. You are all so sweet... here is some additional info!:

    A memorial service to celebrate Pam's life will be held on Friday, February 24th at 2PM at The United Methodist Church of Red Bank, 247 Broad Street, Red Bank. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in Pam's name can be made to the UMass ALS Champions Fund at www.umassals.com to support research to defeat ALS or, alternatively, to the Joan Dancy and PALS Foundation at www.joandancyandpals.com to benefit local ALS patient services.


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