November 01, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Or as I like to call her:
Silica Bitch. 
I am posting from my Iphone
Under 50 blankets in my freezing 
bedroom as the electric is not yet corrected
AND since we had a full crawl space of sea water,
About 2 feet in our attached garage amd missed 
entering the house by ONE inch,
Its cold in here.  
Even when electric gets turned on, we cannot until we rewire/abd get all new
Air con and heat units as ours are seeming corroded by the sea water. 
That said, we were so lucky.  
Our property was covered in cat tails,
The river must have flowed in and out a few times.  It 
knocked down the wood playset, filled the hed,
Turned over 3 giant leland cypresses we planted about 10 years ago.
Pulled mike's new holly bushes outand the wind  threw
down a few massive trees... But compared to our neighbors and other ares of town
And SEA BRIGHT, a 15 minute walk fron my house to the beach town
that is now completely destroyed, we are incredibly lucky...
My family is safe and so is our home... Just needs some work.  

I have so much to say and nothing.  
That us all I can for now.  
Just support any one affected by this natural disaster.  
We are sttarting by having a displaced friend stay in our
"igloo" with us and reaching out to other friends in need.  
I know there will be a lor of charitable opportunities 
and as I hear of "good" ones, I will reach out...
In the  meantime don't forget about the JERSEY SHORE!


  1. Oh Judi so glad you and your family are safe, heart breaking to hear about all the destruction this storm has caused. New York is mostly in the news, but many other states including New Jersey are hard hit too, good to hear about your area, be safe.

  2. I just saw that fb has a jersey shore hurricane news site put up which might be helpful for some folks to get news about their area, sad to read there is looting going on.

  3. All of you up that way are in my prayers. I grew up on the coast, so I know all about hurricane damage. Hope you get some power back soon and get things sorted out, I'll be thinking about you!

  4. Glad to hear that you're all safe and although you have damage, it sounds like you are prepared to deal with it. Sending prayers and good thoughts for all who were in harms way from the storm.

  5. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  6. Silica bitch! What an apt name! Wishing you some warmth! Having just had our power restored recently here up north of Philly, I know it is getting damn cold at night. Glad you are safe. Prayers for all of you in the coast!

  7. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hope it's getting better. My thoughts are with you, and as one who went through the Federal Flood here in NOLA, I will say, eventually, yes, it gets better. It will never be the same but what ever is? Due to the flood, I am no longer surrounded by neighbors but instead family. We love each other deeply, we take care of each other, we feed each other and hang on each others' porches with glasses of wine, laughing. May you have more blessings than hardships from this. My heart and hope is with you. Please keep us all updated - naomi

  8. Oh Judi, I am so sorry to hear that you were effected! I am finally getting to my blog reading... I do hope the electric is back on soon and your heat restored. What an ordeal. Our area went through flooding last year with Irene....things do get better. Thinking of you!


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