December 31, 2012

FLUX on Dec 31, 2012

I AM IN COMPLETE FLUX!( which is funny because this is a glaze issue...)
I jumped out of bed with a brainstorm as I try to create subtle colorants for my ceramic work(especially on the white porcelain)...I want really subtle in parts... like a TINT... and I have this idea to spray or brush almost a wash of mason stain with 3134 on the bisque or over matte white glaze on bisque... THEN I SPILL the Pearl Grey Mason stain I had mixed a while back and saved(not a a dixie cup)and rush to the computer to remind myself what my breakdown of grit/stain and water was on the tests that I ran.... I then pull up Mason Stain's information to find the damn stains I wanted to use are discontinued... f bomb.

So I guess the real issue is I am trying to stop time...or stop the drying process to have the work look like it does when it is drying... the tips are lighter... the recessed areas darker...
I have a wish a hope a dream for 2013.
Clarity of mind.
Clarity of body. 
Clarity of spirit

Clarity of ceramic torture.

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  1. Happy New Year, hope you get it all sorted out, sometimes various clay suppliers have mason stains in their warehouses you might be able to get some of the colors you are looking for by emailing or calling them.


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