February 26, 2013

And in other news...

As I continue to destroy every larger scale vessel I try to carve and manipulate out of  Cone 6 porcelain...
feel used and abused by my clay, my kids continue to occupy the rest of my time and efforts...

Our son, Jake was nominated for 3 Jersey Acoustic Music awards!
(JAM Awards)!
If you like his music, it would be great if you could vote for him!
Thank you so much!
Only vote for each person once or it will cancel out your vote!

Top 18 and Under Male Act:

Top 18 and Under Songwriter:

Top 18 and Under Song:

Here is a link to his nominated song "I Ain't Me":

Thank You! Please Share and Vote!

If you ARE voting, here are some other great local musicians we would love to support: Kyle Ward, Nick Piescor,Jack Newsome, Shannon Corsi, Taylor Tote, Glenn Wise, Ardvark Smile, Micro Machines, Cobalt Blue and all of the others!!!!

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