May 26, 2013

Celebrating other Artists and Crafts People

While I am hoping to get in my studio today, I have a ton going on planning a big MITZVAH in my son's/our life, so, I am definitely not being very productive in the studio... In fact, I THINK I will get in there today,however, it may not be much until after June 15th... his big day...

SO... I would like to showcase A fabulous artist, Andrew Ehrenworth ,who is particularly amazing with his work painting portraits of pets...dogs... I honestly never thought I would be having paintings done of our CANINE family member but Andrew's work is amazing and frankly... WE LOVE CHAI... more than we ever expected to fall for her!!! On his website you can see... he does a lot of fabulous work in oils... not solely canine nude models...

HERE is Andrew's video of his process... It is really nicely done AND I love how his process description show me the similarities between my work in clay and the risks taken that drive us crazy whilst really making the process so invigorating!!!

On top of Andrew completing the painting, Jon Peters, also a fabulous artist and craftsperson created a frame for the painting... He also created a video HERE which shows HIS process as well! (You've gotta love the video age and advancement of technology's place in education and the DIY movement.)

I especially like the comment Jon makes about wanting me to be happy since I am "a ceramic artist, so she's very particular"... FUNNY...

In the meantime, I will continue to soldier on... try to get in that studio... I have some sanding, repairing, glazing, firing, carving and throwing to do... UH YEAH... basically everything... and very minimal time to do it right now but as per usual this too shall pass and such is life and the show must go on and yes... tomorrow, Scarlet, is ...ANOTHER DAY.

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  1. Love the puppy portrait! I can relate to deep love of dogs... Congrats to all on the upcoming bar mitzvah~ Very Exciting!! Our lives sound parallel in many ways with too much to do and not enough time- yet, somehow we get it done (??!!). Get some rest ;)


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