February 05, 2014


Artist/ Creatives...
Some interesting questions came up and I am very curious what your answers are...

IF money was not an issue...(to support you, etc)...

What would your art be like?
Would you continue to make art?
Would it change your focus?
What drives you to make your art?

ANY AND ALL ANSWERS are very appreciated...
 I may share in an upcoming (anonymous) blog post...
You can message me directly if uncomfortable with this forum.

This gentleman comes to mind...
Steve Tobin


  1. Judi, I put in 30 years of public service and retired before I started making pots.It is very nice that any money I make from pottery is supplemental so I'm already in the position you describe. I make what I want to make. If people buy it , I make more. This has allowed me to make a body of work that I am proud of instead of a bunch of ring holders and sponge holders covered with raspberry glaze.

    1. Thanks Dennis! You are funny... I get what you are saying.

  2. I'm sure, I would make bigger, more time craving pieces. More experimental, more controversial.

    I almost never make anything for me to keep. And every time I make something I really like, it's something that takes to much time to multiply and sell with a small profit.

    But I'm still only learning and happy for every object sold, that can help me buy new materiel or take a course and get better.

  3. Thanks Geoj... When you say controversial, are you saying politically? What do you find it is important to say in your work?

  4. I just got up, reading this over a cup of, let me think about it and come back..... Clearly money is not the issue for me since I really don't support our family with mts work.....
    I'll be back

    1. Please do "be back". I would love to hear from your reach of artist/ceramic followers too as I think this is an interesting question. What drives us to make? What is it about making that we are drawn to (all very individual) I have many responses on Facebook too... Some people are all about the end result...some are all about the process... very cool info (to me, at least)!

  5. I make art because I like working with my hands to express myself. my art would continue to be exploratory letting the clay and my surroundings and life experiences lead me

    I might open a gallery and have a community of artists studios adjacent to the gallery, with beautiful gardens surrounding the gallery.

    I'd probably make larger more monumental work if I had a kiln which could handle the size and someone to help me load it..

    I'd fire some of my work in a gas kiln and a wood burning kiln.

    Having just moved I feel like I'm at a crossroads to new adventures in clay with endless possibilities.

    1. Sure! I get it... but sometimes the concern with a gallery is that then, you have to run the gallery... not that simple... and even if you have enough money to staff the gallery when you cannot be there, now you are a manager, with people and all of those dynamics and issues... and customers, and theft... sheesh.

  6. ok I didn't think it through, you are right I wouldn't have time for making and that's all I really want to do

  7. Oh what a charming dream, Judi (and perhaps a variant would be, what would I do if I had no family responsibilities) - though in reality, I think I like being 'fed' by the life outside my studio, and if I spent all my time making, I'd have less ideas and material to work with. (Or I'd follow a tangent down a black hole and never see the light of day again.) Plus - I reckon having limits imposed from outside, whether financial or otherwise, encourages you to be more creative with what you've got!


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