January 27, 2009

Creative Development

I've been developing vases/vessels and I've SMUSHED quite a few and have some others that I like but these are the latest... some get too busy and I am liking these forms and the gestural quality... I anticipate some slumping of those delicate parts in the firing process... any tips or prop suggestions are always appreciated... I do have some ideas... or just let the chips fall...

Glazing will be an issue as I need to boogie on making new glazes and no time to experiment with these... It will be something tried and true I think... I have the 12(13-1 extra) bowls of my 3 piece 12 person place setting commission ready to bisque and I really need to get back to the things people have already ordered... I also have 2 sushi sets to do...

Before I forget... PLEASE vote in the Etsy Mud Team Sweetheart Vase Challenge!!!! Click HERE!!!

♥ Sweetheart Vase Challenge ♥
VOTE now for your favorite Sweetheart Vase!
Participating Etsy Mud Team members have created a Valentine's Day themed vase. They may be functional or non-functional.
All visitors who vote in our challenge will receive a coupon for 25% off the price of anything in our Etsy Mud Team shop www.etsymudteam.etsy.com.
The challenge winner will be able to select a pottery prize donated by EMT members. View the Prizes here!
Accepting Votes: 1/27/2009 to 2/2/2009

Keeping in mind I have a piece in there... seen in my previous blog post...HOWEVER, be sincere! There are some super pieces!!!


  1. those are fantastic judi, they look like they're dancing!

  2. beautiful! the movement reminds me of a fresh flower blossom opening. (oh, and I voted...for guess who?) :o)

  3. Love your valentines vases below and I agree with Monica these look like they are dancing.

  4. These are awesomely gorgeous !!!
    I LOVE them!
    It's as if they are embracing all the joyousness of life in a celebratory dance.


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