February 01, 2009

A vase is a vase is a vase...anyways...

So these are the 3 pieces I will try and submit to the
500 vases book...
You never know...
500 is a lot of vases...
of course...
there are ALOT of potters...
I like them...
I am happy with the forms and the glazes I mixed up went on nicely as well...
so I can photo and send by the deadline tomorrow...
and ya just never know...
ya know?


  1. Judi . . . . these are absolutely stunning. Definitely worthy of 500 Vases!! Best wishes!!

  2. Thanks Todd!
    Peace to you too!

  3. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Judi.....absolutely gorgeous! I love them all but most especially the one on the left.
    All the visual rhythm in your pieces are a heart-song.....beautiful!

  4. Didn't mean to be anonymous.....it's me....Lynne....raku4u

  5. got it!!! thanks a ton!

  6. They look great, Judi! I really like the two on the left. Good luck!

  7. Judi, your work is so exquisite!! Do you ship your teapots to Oz? Good luck with the book...

  8. They look great, lively colours and form, good luck.Judy

  9. Jer,Rachel and Judy-Thanks!
    Rachel... Of course I would ship to Oz... the cost however.... not so great...

  10. Oh Judi! These are beautiful!

  11. Judi, Hi, I come to your blog via Rachel Powers' blog, and thus to your beautiful pots. Oh, it's been the most wonderful thing -- as a fiction writer -- to enter the world of pottery, and to find this glorious chain of pots reaching out across the sea...

    I am an Australian living in London and I first started my research through the work of my friend, the Australian artist Jane Sawyer. Do you know her work? If not, please do look it up...

    And to know that you struggle with the whole motherhood vs creative work, too! Well, yesterday was a classic -- I was rushing to meet a writing deadline but school was cancelled because of snow and the kids fought all day long, right next to the room where I was working. Murderous cannot even begin to describe how I felt...

    But now they are asleep and I have remembered why I love them.

    Anyway, lovely to meet your pots, and I look forward to being a regular reader here!

    Warm wishes

  12. PS Jane Sawyer makes teapots too! Yours are just LOVELY.

  13. Looking forward to cracking open the book and seeing your vases there Judi!

  14. Oh my!
    Such wonderful comments...
    The disc went out yesterday...so you never know!!!!
    Susan... Thanks bushels... I just ordered 3 of your books so I'm very excited!!!(before your comments) and Jane Sawyer's work is fabulous!

    I cannot tell you in my rather solitary ARTISTIC existence how IMPORTANT positive (and constructive) reinforcement is. I have wonderful friends but I truthfully reach out to those of you with kindred spirits for my sustenance ! THANK YOU.

  15. I love these vases, Judi! I think you're going to get in...esp at work here, or maybe I just recognize great work when I see it. ;)

    PS - I'm going to Steamboat in March - do you still have work there somewhere??

  16. Fabulous! Love the glazes that you used. Really nice.

  17. Wow, I can't imagine these NOT getting accepted!

  18. Oh, these are just stunning pieces! I love the shape and movement in the design!

  19. Cynthia, jeanette, amy and brenda!!!!
    so sweet!!! thanks... a ton.


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