April 11, 2009


Let me start by saying I am reading YOUR blogs RELIGIOUSLY.... even if I don't comment... I follow YOU PEOPLE...I have been posting new listings to my Etsy Site...LIKE a mad woman...

I also have been reading The Studio Potter Magazine and let me say... I LOVE THIS ISSUE!!! HERE is the magazine!
Chris Gustin's article was super:

I am so very excited that I took the plunge and will be taking his workshop: The Architecture Of The Pot at Anderson Ranch in Colorado this summer....
July 20-24th! I was able to fit it in while my kids are away at sleep away camp and BEFORE THEIR visiting day.... this is key. Frankly... I'd love to do a 10 day workshop but that concept appears to be far in the future...so this is perfect,they will be gone and I will hop a plane a few days later and grab one back in time to get home after midnight the day we drive up to the camp for visiting day... but so cool....
By the way this issue was "the body " and I just think every article in there speaks to me... so....Thank YOU!


  1. You new pieces are simply wonderful, Judi! So elegant! PAZ!!

  2. I am following you too! I love your work. So jealous about your workshop. I can't wait to see how your work changes from it.

  3. Your new listings are very beautiful! Your shapes are so alive!

  4. These pieces are gorgeous Judi!

    Oh my, what I wouldn't give to spend a few days in the studio of each of my favourite artists...

  5. You have been working like a 'mad' woman -- and the results are stupendous. I've been following you too -- blog & facebook! You are in such a great place with your work.

    I also love The Body (Studio Potter). My favorite article was from Joe Benion - check out his blog:


    Congrats on your workshop. I'm going to Arrowmont in June to study with Victoria Christen. Can't wait!

  6. Anonymous9:34 AM

    i'm so envious... going to the workshop in colorado. the etsy store looks great... i was rooting around in there and noticed your pots kept coming up on the first or second pages of results.

  7. Thanks a bunch my faithful blogger buddies... all so nice!
    Judy.... Arrowmont will be awesome too!
    Jim... If you wanted to go(and were a girl) I would share my room with you!!!!(2 queen size beds) but unfortunately my husband would not understand under the circumstances!!!)

  8. Wow, I looked last night at Etsy and missed some of your recent pieces-the pale yellow and the swirly two tone vases, that's all I can see here off to check the site. Have fun at the workshop - sounds intriguing.

  9. Gustin was my professor in collge, you will love him. He is interesting and I always left his crits with a new insight and energized. Enjoy! i wish I could do a workshop this summer, I am so jealous. I agree it was great Studio Potter, but I always think that.

  10. Thanks Linda... glad you are checking things out!
    Leah- I am really excited... wow... I would love to here more about what that was like in college... I hope to enjoy it.


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