April 14, 2009

ALL DONE!!! Finally.

Don't get too excited.. it's just the place settings that I have made for a favorite customer, who, incidentally ,has been quite patient... I didn't like the 1st ones, I felt they were warped and too flat, so I remade these, then the kiln was under firing etc... and so on...So... here they are... IF she still wants them....

I am trying to catch up on custom orders/requests as I really want to move on to some creative endeavors... We've been doing a spring cleaning in the house...redoing the boys rooms, painting, etc,,, PURGING... and NOW I'd like to IMMERSE myself in clay...

Who am I kidding?
This is not my life right now...to IMMERSE...
I keep thinking I will have a chunk of time to do it and well...
I am not going to "wait for godot"...ya know?
I've got to accept my other responsibilities and realize there is no "IMMERSION" happening currently..
That workshop will be a brief immersion... I'll take what I can get...

I LOVE my family.
I do.
I'd be miserable without them.
I'm always torn.
SO....the art thing just is so hard... this creative desire...the DESIRE TO MAKE is great...."a blessing and a curse".
But if it's a curse... I will take it because the blessing is far to intense for me to let go of it.
And so it goes.
I'm sorry for the rant.
Just know that I know that I am a very lucky chick.
I get it. But many of you get it too.
That's what really helps to know...I'm not alone in having these feelings.
I thank you.


  1. Judi just one word for you woman: amazing.

  2. Like "crazy" amazing...
    Like..."that chick is "amazing""(crazy fool going on like that..) I know that's not what you mean so "thank you". however....It's how I feel.

  3. like amazing, super woman amazing. Producing high quality AMAZING work and raising a family.

  4. I'd say you're pretty amazing too! I can't imagine making two plates the same, never mind twelve! And yes, such high quality.

    I hear you on the immersion thing. When I go to bed at night I have a little daydream about throwing and sculpting all day long (it has to be a daydream because I can't throw yet!) but in reality I don't have all day to be able to do that. I can't imagine how you find the time to do as much as you do with children as well. You're amazing!

  5. Beauties! Nice work.

  6. That is a seriously stunning place setting. Customer is going to love them for many many years to come!

    And I'm loving the new work you are posting on etsy these days!

  7. The work looks great! Oh to be able to produce large quantity sets...And I can sympathize with the immersion thing. It always seems like I am putting things off until I have more time. Granted I don't have a full family to contend with yet (just two dogs and a wife), so you are much further in the game than I, and doing a fine job of it, too. Keep up the good work, even if you can't immerse yourself in it just yet!

  8. The place settings are fantastic. Customer will LOVE them!

  9. Absolutely fabulous dinnerware set. It looks like you could make either an elegant or simple table with the same place settings -- what's that word . . .AMAZING!

    You are in such a great work groove -- etsy, dinnerware sets - g-d what would you be like immersed!? Just teasing . . . . I find I'm always pulled away from clay by one family need or another. Sometimes I walk back in my studio & just stand there wondering -- now what was that inspiration I had a moment ago?

  10. Very Beautiful Judi!
    I especially love how a few of the settings are placed over the edge of the table - total confidence!

  11. Thanks you for all of the ROCKIN' comments...
    Andy- I laughed at that...

    I am pleased to announce she has her set and is very happy!!!!


  12. Beautiful. What an enormous accomplishment, it must feel good to see the final results after all that hard work!

  13. Anonymous11:43 AM

    beautiful pots! what a daunting task of multiples. i'm with you on the blessing and a curse thing.

  14. what a perfectly beautiful set - and to make it twice, that is definitely artistry and persistence. I like the swirly brown vases and the pale yellow plates on etsy.


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