April 20, 2009

TWO Great features!!!

I am so excited about these cool features:
first Sandra of "Re Bop Shop" and her ETSY SHOP
featured me on her MELLOW TONES BLOG!

AND THEN.... the fabulous artist
"Cinnamon Soup" who is in HAWAII tweeted to me that she featured me on her Cinnamon Soup BLOG she does great work as well which can be found on her website
and her Cinnamon Soup ETSY SHOP !

How cool and nice is that????


  1. And well deserved, I might add :)

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    congrats judi... that's ab so fab!

  3. Thanks guys...tried and true!
    ...and now:
    Yowza!!!! I'm the "Plate of the Day"!!! http://aplateaday.blogspot.com/
    Now we're having fun!!!!

  4. Congrats!
    Just saw you on Plate of the Day and came to let you know in case you hadn't seen.


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