May 07, 2009

Gettin' Ready...

So... I've been plugging away at some commisions...although I was pretty useless the 1st part of the week... rather FLUISH!!!!

I bisque fired a bunch:

And glazed a bunch(note the scraped and reapplied kiln wash on the shelves...that's truly a favorite activity...NOT!):

And now I'm "GETTIN' READY" to make some new glazes with this boatload of mason stains that I bought and had... DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT expect miracles.... But I sort of have some ideas... and then comes the application.... so I want to test some in this Glaze firing.... so this kiln will WAIT...Until I am GOOD AND READY!


  1. Your shelves look pearly white and your container labels are very neat, I could take a lesson from you.

  2. I just mixed up a small batch of Mason's shell pink - I'm not very happy with the results at 10%, hopefully a little more color and a little superpax will help it along. Good luck with the tests!

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    i hate kiln washing also... but started doing it with a paint roller and it's tolerable now. good luck on the tests... i did a bunch last kiln load with mason stains and they were all too faint, need to up that percentage.

  4. linda... not that neat.. I was just thinking I need tod o an over haul of the studio,
    Andy- Is superpax very different from zircopax?
    Jim... nxt time I'm tryig the roller...hmmm...
    and 10+ %of stains???

  5. Anonymous12:29 AM

    good luck judi!
    I use 5-12% of mason stains, depending on the translucency and brightness of color I want. I've also mixed small amounts of black in to deepen greens, blues, reds and purples (I often work in deep jewel tones)
    I have 4 good clear glaze formulas I've used with mason stains, and one highly reliable satin white if you're interested in any formulas, I am in a big mason stain kick right now!


  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    hi judi... it was my first time with the stains so i started with 5% of each and combined them with each other, guess i was hoping i wouldn't need to use so much because of the expense but i'll probably double them on the next test.

  7. Superpax is supposedly a little finer (smaller particle size) than Zircopax so it should give a little more opacity. My local supplier carries Superpax so I've never tried Zircopax, not sure how much of a difference there really is.
    I'm finding good results from 12 to 15% stain and 3 to 5% opacifier, depending on the stain. The extra cost is worth the extra punch of a solid color.

  8. I may be looking for varied amounts of color intensity...
    I'll just put it out there:
    If you guys have any recipes to share... feel FREE to to email me: and I will absolutely share anything I may have with you!

  9. I was so lazy last glaze fire I did that I worked around glaze drips etc. I got lucky and absolutely need to follow your lead and clean my shelves.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  10. PS - I've been using 8-10% Mason Stain for translucent glazes with good success.

  11. exciting! can't wait to see your new glazes.


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