June 02, 2009


Well...there is STILL nothing really new for this post...
I continue to develop test amounts of glazes and see how they react to each other... and just after I pull together 5 more... I think of another scenario to try....I have all of that bisque ready to fire and I just can't bring my self to just use the glazes I've been using when the opportunity for a new palette/or subtle texture(matte with glossy) variation is a possibility... I know I won't sell much during this time but I just HAVE to keep playing.... I've thrown a bunch of new mugs and some little bud vases(to give as teacher appreciation gifts) so... I'm getting closer. but not yet.

There is a whole other post about who I am...in the retail world... artist vs potter(or both)that we've been discussing in our Etsy Mud Team forum but I just can't do it now. That will need to come at a later point... However....as I feel really reluctant to go down the wholesale route...I am curious what my fellow artists/potters have to say about the various selling venues...so feel free to comment. Perhaps my next post will fill you in on where I'm coming from...


  1. Judi, I say if you can fill up your schedule selling retail, do it! If you need to supplement that income, get some wholesale or gallery accounts. If you don't have to though, don't.

  2. hi judi... beautifully thrown pot, you're a virtuoso. have no experience with wholesale and re: jdwolfe above... i can't get ahead with inventory so i can't even consider it.

  3. What a timely post. I do hope you follow up on your thoughts here. I am filling out applications for fall shows and trying to decide whether to approach local galleries. I am slowly working towards less teaching and more full time work making pots but coming up with show fees and all the paper work is making me crazy! Wholesale-less money, retail-lots of work. I don't know.... I would love to see what others think.

  4. Judi- your work is so unique, it would do well either way. If you were to go the way of Whitney Smith, and get someone to make slipcast molds for you to work with wholesale, you could make a huge impact on the wholesale ceramics world! But that is a large committment- she has a couple of interns working with her and someone at a factory doing the casting.

    On another note- the photos of you working are art in themselves, so fluid. I wonder if you could take some of you doing the altering, so we can see your unique artistry at work (and I believe the word for what you do is most definately ART).


  5. I think it's whatever works for YOU - I tried wholesale, but I hated it because I just don't produce enough work to make it profitable.

    If you think you want to go that route, I suggest having an easily reproduced wholesale line and then more one offs for retail.

    I look forward to seeing your glaze tests...please share the photo results??

  6. Photos taken by Judit Papp... she's faboglam ...right!?

  7. Hi Judy- Just checking in to say hello- Am working on this http://chrisguillebeau.com/3x5/the-unconventional-guide-to-art-and-money/
    Thought you might be interested. Hope you're doing better. I hce the flu last week and struggle with a lot of the same issues you do. Take care- mad

  8. Hey all.. I havn't ignored your comments...they are sweet little gems to me... so thank you... just tend to read them when I can't respond properly!


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