June 12, 2009

WELL...No real glaze results yet... but...

I have completed some custom orders...
This 6 person sushi set:

It includes:
1 Large Serving platter,6 personal plates, 6 noodle/rice/soup bowls,6 dipping bowls, 6 chopstick rests, 1 soy bottle and 6 prs wooden chop sticks(they are purchased-I did not whittle them!)Wrapped and ready for Fathers Day!
and this custom vase..(I fired it THREE times to get the texture and glaze variations to make any sense to me!

et voila!


  1. wow! i would love to receive a package like that.

  2. I thought your sushi set was amazing from the moment I saw it. Thats a fabulous gift to be getting!

  3. the sushi set is wonderful, packaging and all!!!

  4. Thanks guys...
    I think she'll be happy- she's giving it to her husband for father's day... lucky guy...

    and the gentleman who custom ordered the pot liked the photos so he'll be receiving it tomorrow or Monday...

    Trying to develop some cool glazes and so tied up with it...end of the year for the boys' school too. lots going on! then off to the outr banks for a week on the 19th...my head spins...

  5. I love the sushi set -- but the extra touch is the wrapping! How brilliant to wrap in clear wrapping -- you are so smart!

    Have fun at the beach! Wish I were back. I'll be thinking of you . . .

  6. Your work is just absolutely stunning Judi. I love it! :)

  7. Lucky guy with the father's day sushi set! How nice. Beautiful work Judi!

  8. Lovely Judi - the lines on your vase are spectacular!


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