July 27, 2009

Back Safe and Sound...

And MY BACK is safe and sound...phew.
So the workshop rocked!
Here is an Etsy friend chatting with Chris....

Michelle Swafford- So cool to meet my "cyber-friends" in real life:
Chris Gustin is a phenomenal potter and artist and an amazing teacher...
Here he is working on a giant bowl form...that's about 30 pounds of clay:

I raised my wheel about 2 bricks higher, thanks to Aaron, our workshop assistant.
That DEFINITELY helped my back from being terrible...
I did get soreness but it was generally manageable.
The workshop was heavy on theory and although I made and bisqued about a dozen pots, I threw them all out because it was really about being a learning experience for me and I really felt that photos would suffice!

The group was great... very DIVERSE... and I also got to meet and hang a little with my buddy from Etsy: Felicia who was working on a hand building workshop!

Her workshop continues through this week... she was able to join us as my new friend Susie (this is Susie!)

drove us to Paul Soldner's home and studio(so exciting!!!!) and I only got us a little lost... just a little...
Here is his studio... unfortunately he hasn't thrown in over 2 years (He's 88 and in a wheel chair...)

We made it to the Harvey Meadows Gallery and we were able to see wonderful examples of Chris's work... as well as many others...
Here he is:

I managed to purchase one of his gorgeous tea bowls...WHOOT!

The workshop was a lot of fun as the people were great...III I orchestrated this Charlie's...make that Chris's Angel's shot:

(Megan,Cara,and Jolee)
But it was also extremely intense as he was able to really get us to think about what we do and why and how design interacts with the process, etc...
I must admit...a little draining as well as exhilarating!

I left to fly from Aspen to Denver on the most NAUSEATING small plane flight at 5:30pm...to fly out of Denver to Newark at 7:12 and landed at 1am on Saturday... I checked in to a Holiday Inn right off the Turnpike to get 2 Hours of sleep and my husband picked me up around 5:45am so we could head up to "Visiting Day" and my kids' camp... It was a crazy 24 hours BUT.... it was worth it to see my boys!!!!

Now I am in SEVERE organizing mode as they return home a week from Tuesday and the summer is moving fast... The legs for my wheel won't get here until Thursday(I am meeting my mom in Philly that day and staying over with her to give her a little "get-away"... which will be great but again... tick tock....) so I am trying use my time wisely....Wish me luck!


  1. Judi, what a fantastic post! Thank you for sharing about your fantastic workshop experience! Great pictures too!

  2. Thanks for posting that photo Judi, it's looks great! Now I can prove that I really did spend a week with Chris Gustin! Glad to hear that you got home ok. It was so great to meet you!

  3. Ok... now I am happy ...I linked everything up!

  4. Wow...that sounded great! Are you putting your wheel up? Way to go if your going to try to throw standing up...I've done it for years and have no back issues!

  5. Great post Judi! Don't forget to add that we are standing in front of a Paul Soldner pottery wall :-) You missed all the rain, thunder and lightning!

  6. Judi, thank you so much for sharing your adventures. It's been fun. Now I have a new goal in life, to someday make it to Anderson Ranch for a workshop or two or three!

  7. Great photos - and recap of your Anderson Ranch week! I'm so jealous...

  8. Anonymous9:56 AM

    cool shots... looks like a riot, glad your back didn't keep you from participating. nice pots too. i like the black decoration on the vase.

  9. Great article thank, Matt

  10. Loved the "Angels" pic. What a crack-up. Looks like you all had a blast. And so glad to hear your back is better. That's really good news.

  11. Thanks for all of the great comments!
    Boys come home Tuesaday and I am trying to learn to throw comfortably standing...a la Kristen Kieffer!

  12. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Hi Judi:
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog and the moral support! I'm in the midst of mixing up glazes for "glaze testing 2.0" (hopefully firing next week) so more results should be on the blog soon. I really admire your work (I've been lurking for a while) so it was really nice to hear from you! :-)
    Take care and hope the back is behaving,

  13. Anonymous8:06 AM

    P.S I was just looking at your bio and noticed you went to Wash U...I went there for undergrad and grad school (psychology, Ph.D 1996) but one of my favorite classes was Art History with professor Wallace. Should have been a sign of things to come... Small world, huh? :-) Miri


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