July 18, 2009

Heading West Tomorrow!!!

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to Snow Mass/Aspen, Colorado tomorrow for
Chris Gustin's workshop
The Architecture of the Pot at Anderson Ranch.
Very excited! Hope the back can take it!!!
This man makes BIG vessels.... bigger than my kids...of course well... they aren't that big....for their ages... I digress....
I get the feeling he really incorporates hand building with wheel throwing so perhaps this could be just what I need right now...or not.
I'm wide open and ready to just...EXPERIENCE...


  1. Wow. That should be a wonderful workshop. I just read his article in the Body issue of SP. Great stuff. Have fun!

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    what a cool experience that will be... hope the back holds up and heals

  3. You'll have a great time with Chris. He's a good guy, in addition to being a terrific potter and sculptor. Tell him hello for me.

  4. It was so great!
    Hollis, I sent your best!

  5. That piece is extremely beautiful. Very creative and artistic. Thank you for posting.


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