June 29, 2010

ARGHHHHH, Photography.

Submissions for a Bowl Exhibition...

Need to order a new background...
I spend too much time photo editing the damned scratches...
PLUS I feel like the color, lighting, grainy thing is kicking my but...
I ALWAYS like the work better in person!
NOW I'm tired and cranky.
Grrrrr and Argh.....


  1. this sounds like my saturday. mine is scratched too! i need to order a new one. but your photos look better than mine. i think you are doing a nice job.

    photographing my artwork is my least favorite thing to do and i'm awful at it.

    getting a professional this summer because i'm applying for 2 huges grants. i rather stick with the mug making.

  2. right? totally. argh.

  3. Judi, what kind of background are you using there? Is it all black? Or grey? I actually like the contrast of the pieces and the color of the background.

  4. Its varitone 928 with is black to grey or flotone... Got a new one coming in the mail...the colors are adjusted to get the bowl color corect!

  5. Ooh ooh ooh! Beautiful bowls!!

    Sorry you're having trouble with photography though.

  6. You're doing a great job on the photog front! I love the top 2 bowls - much like the vase I commented on the other day. Your style seems to be evolving/maturing nicely....

    My background is soo scratched up, but since I'm not really making any work....

  7. photos look great and i can't see the scratches but i'm at the point where i need a new background too.

  8. Anonymous9:17 PM

    If you need a nice smooth gray background try some 3mm gray PVC sheeting from a sign supplier like Signs USA. It's 2 sided and lasts a long time, a 4x8 sheet is only $30.

  9. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Sorry Signs Supply USA, or Proveer.

  10. That's a cool idea!


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