July 06, 2010


I love THIS happy simple summer-y Etsy Treasury that I am proud to be included in!
(That's my bowl-third one over, first row...)

It reminds me of the "SUMMERWARE" show and sale in Brooklyn
I am participating in on SUNDAY!
This Sunday July 11th!!!!
See my side bar...

It is sooooo hot here in the "Garden State".
I am pretty sure my house is under a brown-out effect as some things seem OK...and others are just "not right".
My kiln had an Error sign at the end of the firing and showed that it made it to 1901degreesF instead of 1948degreesF...so... I ramped it back up again...
Of course it's the first time in FOREVER that I didn't throw a witness cone in...
My clothes dryer isn't heating up and the microwave only produced a luke-warm effect.
It's either that or my 7 year old house is haunted...
I'm hoping for haunted. Way cooler...
Speaking of cooler...The AC isn't very effective either...


  1. Kiln is most likely to misbehave when no cones are added...your house is not haunted, We are experiencing the most outrageous weather.

    Was 100° here today also. I'm thankful that the kiln was not run today! We dies in the studio last week after a firing, and temps then were "only" 80°.
    I'm dreaming of beach time!

  2. You have to watch the "brown outs", as low voltage can be much more damaging than power surges. Especially to things like computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and all things with electronic circuits. The power supply keeps trying to bump the voltage up to where it should be, and will burn it out. Hope the power stabilizes soon! Congrats on the show!

  3. Nice treasury! dislike weather & brown out...


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