July 22, 2010

A little more from the Workshop...

Takeshi Yasuda WIRE WEDGING!!!

This man is amazing...
This just gives you a taste...
I will just post a little at a time...

This is what i looked like for 5 days...plus mosquito bites.


  1. Like that wire wedging, thanks for the post, you look like you had a super time.

  2. you look so happy!
    In Seagrove the older potters have a wire attached to the wedging table the use the wire along with a heavy slapping of the clay together- very much like this. It has a real rythm to the movement and the sound- I also learned to wedge like he was wedging from one of the older potters-

  3. if i ever go that big, i'll have to try the wire wedging... definitely a lot easier than wrestling with a giant piece of clay doing the chrysanthemum method. you look like you're having a great time in that picture.

  4. I love his work. What a great experience for you. Looking forward to more.


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