August 05, 2010

42's "the new 9"!

Tomorrow's my birthday...8/6/68
double 21.... equals 42...
Not that I pay attention to numbers or anything...
So maybe I should go out and party double the amount I did when I was 21...
It's a thought.
Unlikely though.
My special birthday "gift" is not here yet...may not be here until next week...
BUT it is worth the wait!!!!
If 42's "the new 9", then this gift is perfect...
I am completely "pimping my ride" there will be a basket in the front... and a mirror too ...
OH! and a rack on the back(all the better to take packages to the post office!!!).

AND along with all of that...
SAFETY FIRST... but...only in this super cool helmet!

As I enter into this next year of life...I have been trying some different things in the studio...

So, we shall see what comes of this next year...
The last one was pretty crazy.
Enough said.

OH and I booked ALL of my accommodations to visit Seagrove and Asheboro, NorthCarolina for the
Clay and Blogs opening the weekend of October 1st.
I just decided to go for it... and hopefully pick up some goodies down there...
I have a tendency to sell my work to buy other pottery...
SO... in the spirit of my younger years...
"The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades"....


  1. Happy birthday! I'm stoked to see your a 68 baby too. We ain't as old as we are starting to look!
    Nice ride Judy... you're gonna be styling on that.
    Those experiments look great too, 42 is a good year for playing with new directions.
    I'm so totally envious about you getting to go to the Show too. Woof! It's gonna be a fun event!

  2. Come to the show!
    My flights were pretty good...
    Come on, you're only 42 once.
    At least in this life...

  3. Hey '68'ers! hehe , know the feeling.... I've been enjoying my 42nd year since the 9th of july, and i'ts pretty good!
    He, if live is good now, it can only get better right? :-)

    Love the new experiments.

    Enjoy the ride.


  4. gosh guys... 42 sounds great- I am pushing.... maybe I will have to pimp my walker!
    Love the bike it is hot!
    And we can't wait for you to come to NC- October should be cooler!

  5. I have 50 coming up next month! You are a baby!! Happy birthday, love the bike, LOVE those bowls, and love that you are coming to NC! I do the same as you,last festival I did, every time I sold something I went and bought some piece of art. Artists supporting artists, it's a good thing :)

  6. you were born in the year of all that upheaval... i got 10 years on ya. pretty cool bike, when i saw the fender i thought you might be able to make something out of clay to accessorize it. the pots in the last pic look great, particularly the pitcher on the far left, i think the wide groove (that in my opinion suggests another smaller pitcher just hiding below the surface) is a winner in the evolution of things. having a bit of bike trouble myself.

  7. happy birthday.

    love the slip covered pieces. can't wait to see the finish product.


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