September 27, 2010

Take Me Away....

Looking forward to my little get-away on Friday to Asheboro, NC...
I have to say... I really can't wait to see the show Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story... AND I'd love to meet some of my otter friends from cyber space...
But really... I think I just need a get-way...
a CALGON- type of getaway and if that's driving around NC in my rental car and staying at a Holiday Inn...HOPEFULLY TRYING REAL SOUTHERN BBQ,
well... I will take it...
If you are not going to be at the show(or if you are) I would love to visit studios while I am in POTTERY COUNTRY....
Here are a couple of my pieces on display in the gallery(so I guess they arrived safely)that Meredith posted...
I HAVE been working on some changes in my work but I think it will definitely be a process...But I feel like I know where I am going for now... and one thing is... at the moment I am back to using Standard 112 which is a speckled clay... and I'm testing my established glazes, as well as toying with not spraying EVERYTHING... so... we shall see... I am not abandoning the 213 BUT I really want to dig into 266... CHOCOLATE Brown... used to love it and I really am craving I'm on the journey ...discovering... 1 step forward, 2 steps back and all that...
No photos of the new work because I fear I need a little "time alone with the babies to bond..." or throw them out... In due time...


  1. HA! cool update...I look forward to seeing some chocolate..:))

  2. HI Judi- We need to get you some directions to here or the arts council.
    I have plenty of shops for you to visit with Saturday night dinner here.
    see you soon!

  3. Can't wait to see the chocolate!

  4. I used to love the 266 also, the Artscenter where I teach has it and some of the glazes we have look amazing on it. Another very rich clay we are using is Earthen Red and brick red, brick red may be too groggy for you though.
    Barbeque in Asheboro, only one place for that and it's Henry James! The best! Not too fancy, but sooo good.
    There is also a really good Thai place that Meredith can direct you to.
    Festifall is in Chapel Hill on Sunday, lots and lots of artists there if you don't mind about an hours drive.Can't wait to see you, saw your work yesterday, lovely!

  5. Hey I saw you mention bbq on Jen's facebook. Get directions to Lexington. It should be on your way. May as well have the real thing while you are here.

  6. Have a good time in NC. Looking forward to the updates


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