October 01, 2010

Sad...but TRUE.


Sadly, after hanging out at Newark Airport for 4 1/2 hours...I threw in the towel. LUCKILY... everyone refunded my flight, my hotel, canceled the car rental and I got some knitting done while I waited... met 3 men from Quebec, a woman from Glasgow, trying to get to Cincinnati...Had a non fat chai venti latte... some pretzels and water... and canceled the trip... UNFORTUNATELY I would not have made it in time to the opening and I was beginning to feel like the UNIVERSE was trying to tell me... DO NOT GO.
I know... the universe was telling a lot of stranded people all sorts of things but...
I called it quits. I spoke (ON THE PHONE!!!!) to Meredith, who really busted TUSH to make this happen... and then I spoke to Jen Mecca on my way home from the airport...
Everyone was great and PROMISED to post PHOTOS!!!! VIDEO TOO PLEASE...
I had dinner with my crazy kids and my husband and my friend and her daughter...
My 10 year old spilled his Sprite and the 13 year old tortured me continuously but really...it was very comforting. My kiln under-fired a bisque and we ar gonna run by a cocktail party for a committee I am on that I was to miss...
PLUS AMAZON delivered these:

So... I guess things COULD be worse...


  1. wow, amazing judi... well, i guess even if i had been able to go, i would have been wondering... what ever happen to judi, i thought she was coming. i guess we'll both have to share in the fun from afar

  2. wow back to front books amazing!! :)) enjoy...I uppose the party is in full swing by now....

  3. We were all wondering what happened to you, so sorry about the delays, trying to forge through the photos now, will post some soon.

  4. I've had my days at that Newark airport, not fun! So sorry you didn't make it! But at least some of your pieces sold, they are just exquisite in person, there were lots of oohhhs and ahhhs around your work! I hate we didn't get to see you, maybe this should become an annual event so you and Peter can try again!!! It was a rough one this year for the out of town travelers that's for sure :(
    Sounds like you tried to make the best of it, good for you!

  5. maybe all the storminess, eh? Traveling is a b!tch sometimes!

  6. So good talking with you! We will meet I'm almost sure in some pottery travels somewhere. Love the photo.


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