October 03, 2010

Making Lemonade out of my LEMONS!

This is one of the only really good things that came out of the weekend:

Missing the North Carolina weekend sucked.
My cold got wet and drippy...
Apparently all went into default mode (meaning I had to be in charge of everybody's schedule-since I was home)...

I glazed and fired these suckers yesterday....
Played with layering and combos and kept good notes...
and I feel like I am on to something that really makes me happy...
It's a process but the yumminess is starting to happen....
Of course my husband immediately says:
"Oh...I like these! are they for us?"
"NO!" I need them for my records for now....
****sadness....grumbling exit****
As my thirteen year old would say:
"What EV....".


  1. Thanks for the little teaser of your new work, such quick results, that's a good sign for sure. Sorry to have missed you here, but I hope we will meet another time.

  2. hey- you were missed- but you need to come for a visit- just name a date.
    Your work was well received - my husband loved your teapot and I think both your bowls sold.
    Keep up the new work and i hope to meet you at some point.

  3. thanks guys.... some day...

  4. Oh, I wish the photo would enlarge! I can't see the colors, :(.
    We usually keep new work to have it in use 'for observation purposes', but really, it's just fun to have the new pieces around to see how they live.

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