May 01, 2011


So...most of you know I am on top of taking care of things for my dad down in Baltimore since his stroke/heart attack on 9/9/09... But Because of that, he is often "on my mind"...So are memories... my dad had this guy who used to pay him for his services by doing work for my dad, we'll call him Gigi. I will never forget how when hadn't done the work that was supposed to be done, he would always tell my dad, "Yes sir, I'm gettin' ready to do that..." The reason I tell you this, is because I have spent several days cleaning up my studio and getting organized(mainly because my wheel parts are in INDIANA getting fixed and I am stuck without my wheel that I stand at... and frankly haven't embarked on trying the new desk top wheel) So, I feel like I'm "GETTIN' READY"... which, in Gigi's case was a procrastination comment... or thought to be... is that the same with me?
You decide.

For now, here are some photos of my "CLEAN" studio:


  1. Judi, you need more stuff in there.Way too much wide open spaces.

  2. Dennis is right!
    You do look ready now go!

  3. wow tidy up time :)) look out some brilliant new work coming soon!!!!!

  4. my studio has never and will never be that clean or organized. hurry wheel so you can mess it up.

  5. Very nice, Judi! Looks so ready to get dirty!:)..
    Feels so good, though, doesn't it to have things tidied up and organized..doesn't matter that it becomes less can always be cleaned again and inspiration has a space to come on in..:)


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