May 08, 2011

I've been having a Mother of a time...

No photos... I have been back and forth and up and down and in and out with the direction that my work is going in... and sometimes it feels like the more things change...

Well, I have been brainstorming and experimenting and mixing and trying and contemplating and brainstorming and sketching and re-thinking and trying stuff and moving forward and moving backward and I feel like I know which direction I am headed in, but I have felt like this before and I tend to move backwards and forwards and then I feel like I have made no progress...but I just know this all part of something bigger.

I have been contemplating my issues with my work...
The end result: what I like about it/what I don't...
The process: what I like about it, what I don't...

It is very important to me that I enjoy the process. I almost think that is more important to me than the end result. This is why I am at this crossroads perhaps...
It has be done "JUST SO" for me to be happy and continue to evolve in a direction that makes sense to me...I enjoy carving and touching and working with the clay, manipulating it, feeling it...but I am also completely concerned with the structural integrity of the piece and the weight and the visual appeal and creating work that speaks to me... or speaks for me.

A very popular, wealthy, African American talk show host says that if you do what you love, you will be successful... I always think about I am down to the actual step by steps of the process..

Look, I know I DO go on but this has been going on fairly intensely for me as internal struggle for a while now and I feel this need to talk about it...but then when I do, I realize it cannot make sense outside of my brain.
So,trust me, that is what's going on...

Now that I have typed us into a virtual abyss of confusion, I'd like to wish all of you moms out there a happy day. ACTUALLY I would like to wish you a happy LOT OF DAYS!!! We will be having sushi for dinner as THEY know that it makes me happy!


  1. keep at it judi :)) happy moms day xx

  2. Sounds to me like you somehow got inside MY head:) I have the very same thoughts and confusions, but I do believe what the wealthy African American talk show host says, it happens to many, but they also work very hard!

  3. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Happy mom's day to you! Hang in are evolving..that is the struggle just embrace it and keep doesn't have to make sense, just let it come out and it will make sense someday...let your subconscious do the's in there.

  4. hi judi, i think that if you can't put it into words then you're on the right track. if you could write it, you wouldn't have to make it.


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