May 15, 2011

What's Goin' On...I'll SHOW You What's Goin' On.

Red Clay.
Sculptural Carving.
Enjoying the process.

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  1. hi judi,
    what a dramatic change, they look great... i bet holding those cups is a tactile delight

  2. Wow, they have so much movement. How thick do you make the walls before carving them?

  3. go on with your bad self Judi!
    these are "bad" as the kids use to say and then the word became- fat- these are "fat"- use your best accents here!

  4. phat Meredith :)
    They are soooo great! I love this direction, it's very much like your other work but really not. It still has the movement and sculptural and flowing qualities but those pieces have now gone on steroids! Love them! Makes me want to carve my barns, haha!

  5. Grooooovy pots! I so want to hold them! Those ridges would feel so interesting....

  6. HA HA- they are phat- I stand corrected!

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  8. Thanks guys. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to do much more but I am going to try several of the clays that I have and see how the clay handles the process. STILL avoiding manganese. Found one almost black clay "walnut something" through Cambell' Supply in VA...its pretty expensive 30$ for 25 lbs... But if it's awesome....with no manganese...well... I may have them send me. A bag to try at least....I willbe scraping my wheel pan to reconstitute it...

  9. WOW! Wow!

    Did I mention WOW!

    Those are amazing.

  10. yes indeed you've made a big change! go you! i want to hold them, those deep ridges are wonderful.
    i so much appreciate your writing through the process of discovery as an artist.


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