September 29, 2007

Moving Right Along!

New piece on etsy...check it out!

September 27, 2007

Commentary on this Blog when I started this, this BLOG-thing, I thought... this will strictly be used for updating photos of my work and giving info on shows, competitions etc... but I will try something new now. Frankly, secretly, and not SOOOO secretly, I follow quite a few blogs.... mainly potters but the occasional knitter is of interest to me. Working in a fairly solo environment, in my home studio,however< leaves one to be interested in others' comments, thoughts and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Therefore... I may start to write more frequently...for a while at least... and see how it feels I will refrain from too much complaining as I can do that in my hand written journal... I will still use this for updates and new work photos but perhaps I'll throw in a few other thoughts and of course I WELCOME COMMENTS. So, let's go.
The above coffee pot, teapot, sugar and creamer set(Greenware) is based on a request at the Peters Valley Craft Show... If nothing comes of it...It goes into my for sale work!!!

September 25, 2007

Just Hangin' Around

Here is some work currently on the shelves in my studio.

Peters Valley Craft Fair Sept 15th and 16th 2007

Well.. if you missed it.. this was my booth! Great show, great artists, lovely customers... a little cold... and alot of fun!!!!