January 18, 2011

Potters and Puppies

Ok... people... TALK TO ME!!!
So... my son Sam has been BEGGING for a puppy for about 2 years(he's 10 1/2)...
So... a week ago Monday I had sent an email(a few days before to a rescue scenario of Cockapoo puppies and I was reluctant but when I got the call Monday of last week, I went back and forth with my husband and we decided that we should go (my son and I) that night to check them out before they were gone.
Needless to say, we came home with CHAI T.(that's Chai Tavill)
She's a 3 lb Cockapoo and will be 10 weeks Thursday. Her bday is
11/11/10(very cool).
AND my life has been turned upside down...

I scrambled to read all of the recommended book friend's told me about by down loading on my IPAD through Kindle and ordering from Amazon.
I get the training... I get what needs to happen...
She's really good, frankly.

Not sure how long I should let her be in the crate in the day time to get work done...
OR let her play(alone)in an enclosed gated are attached to the door of my studio- so I can keep an eye...
If she sleeps during the day more... I imagine it will throw off her nighttime sleeping:
7-10:30,11-7...which frankly, works for me...
I know I can't have everything but I want a well adjusted, well behaved puppy/dog and not sure where to draw the line or not neglect!
Babies were tough but I have experience with them... puppies????
Not sure!

When will things normalize?
Is normal over?

Opinions are requested!!!