March 22, 2010

Color Cards for my reference of my Glazes,Combos, etc.

Seeing how I can blog from Flickr...

Getting Organized...

Well I'm clearing space inside my head to move forward with my work... I basically have 2 color stories happening and I needed to see them in a clear-ISH format.
I've got my "Pales" and my newer "Jewels". Basically they are a combination of semi-mattes and glossy glazes and I really need to make large amounts of the bulk of them so when I glaze I can just push ahead. I've been making small amounts testing everything for so long, on and off now, that I am dreading actually buckling down to make the large batches.
PLUS... I have a small(?)project as I am going to make 5 dozen coffee cups for a very cool local restaurant... so of course I want to refine the shape and start crunching... and on top of that, we have spring break coming up Friday and I will be away for a week in Colorado with my family(snowboarding...and celebrating Passover...and totally BUMMING as I will be unable to attend the NCECA conference!!!)But, while I am away, it is a perfect time to sketch and organize my ideas and direction going forward... So I organized my color ideas ahead of time: